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Enjoy :)


things that are happening and going to happen.


Hello friends. Life has been very adventures for me and my sweet husband. It is just God saying, “don’t forget me, I am here.” God should be honored everyday. That is hard for me to comprehend sometimes, but I am working on that. I wish that it was easier for me, but I just get caught up in all the worldly crap that it just overcomes me. I am praying that God works on that with me. I want Him to stick out and to grow in me like He needs to. Anyways, I am praying for myself to be more into what God wants me to do.

things that are happening:

1) plumbing issues, hopefully that won’t be to expensive  2)  leaving for D.C. this thursday to see my new sister. that is going to be SOOO much fun. 3) my sister, danny, is having a birthday and will no longer be a teenager anymore meaning she is going to me big 2-0. She is getting old! I love her so much though, she has a wonderful heart!! I am so glad to call her my sister. 4) i have a 10 page paper due before i leave for D.C., trying not to freak out about that. :)

well i think that is it for now. i am at church. i love my church. :)



There is something about cleaning that if fun somedays, BUT there are also days that you wish the house would just magically get clean on its own. It am still getting use to the fact that I have a house to clean now. I don’t know how my mom did it. I don’t remember reading that in my marriage contract with Ryan. 

On a positive note, I did marry a man that is pretty good at keeping up the house with me. So at least I am not the only one doing all the cleaning. 

Whelp now that I have mopped all the floors in the house, and cleaned the kitchen I am going to reward myself with a movie. I hate that the husband isn’t home, but I guess I can get in some much needed me time.

Banana Pancakes.


Well today is my 22nd Birthday!! It is my 1st Birthday as a wife. :) My Husband,  took me to worship with Hillsong last night! It was so much fun! It was such a blessing to watch thousands of people come together and sing for Jesus! Than on top of that, today, Husband made me banana pancakes for Breakfast (which is my favorite new breakfast), took me out for Sushi for Dinner, and wrote me the sweetest letter. I just love how smooth today has been. I don’t like big elaborate Birthdays. :) I just like nice and simple ones. :) So, that is it. My Birthday in a nut shell. Life is great! Love it good! Life couldn’t get any better!

Now I can’t wait until Ryan gets home from OLC band practice and we can watch Scrubs. Our new favorite show! :)

Love and Marriage.


Well as you can see my name is changed! :) I am a Hippy now! :) :) Life has changed so much for me. I moved out of my old house. I live with a boy. I have a house to clean now. I have a house that NEEDS decorating. I have a new job, being the best wife I can be. Etc. Etc. Etc. 

I know I have only been married for 2 weeks, BUT I am so happy and blessed to have a husband like Ryan! He balances me out very well!! Lets just say that life is never going to be bored with the man that God has given me, lol!! Ryan is the biggest goofball, and always keeps me laughing. I love it though, that is one of the many reasons why I married him!! Also, something else I am learning already is that marriage is going to be a challenge!! If marriage were easy everyone would do it, right? What I mean is that Ryan and I are two totally different people. He likes blue, I like pink. He likes no AC on until it is absolutely nessary, I like it on because, well, the AC is suppose to be on the the summer time!!! He likes to read, I like watch TV! Needless to say, life is going to be interesting for us two!! BUT I couldn’t be more certain that this WAS and IS God’s plan for both of us. 

Well that’s it for now. Got to keep moving on getting this house up to my standards, it has been a bachelor pad for way to long. :) 

— Hipp

the BIG event.



I have been so busy!! School is finally finished, and I just turned in my last paper of the semester!! HURRAY! I think that I have drank more coffee these last couple of weeks than I ever have! :) I am so exhausted!! I am now understanding why these honeymoons are so important!! I NEED REST!! :) I just can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams! 

Whelp… back to packing for my new home/honeymoon, and getting ready for the wedding! :) :) :) The next time I update this thing I will be Mrs. Rachel Hipp! :) Peace Out!



Well it has been awhile since I have written! Well all of you guys know that I am getting married on May 9th! :) And for the past month and a half I have been consumed with wedding stuff and school stuff. I wish that I could slow down. BUT in 24 days I will be married and all this craziness will be worth every second of my time. 

These are a few big things that has/will happened….

1. Last week was Easter and it was AWESOME! God really had his hand at Oak Leaf! I am just so blessed to be apart of Oak Leaf! :)

2. I am having another shower this weekend, and I can’t wait! Friends from my old church are throwing it for me!! I get to see all my old friends! So I know that is going to be awesome! :)

3. School has been interesting! I wish that I was done. I hate school, I REALLY WISH I loved it! I just have no patience for it. I have 20 days until that is done! AND believe me I AM COUNTING DOWN!!

4. I am still getting stuff done for the wedding. I just got my engagement pictures done! :) Nicole Williams did AWESOME!! :) She is such a blessing and I can’t wait until she does our wedding pictures!

5. Ryan and I meet with Jody this past week! Jody May and Kevin Black are marrying us (isn’t that going to be a fun combo?)! I just love that they are both going to be part of our big day! God is going to be glorified! :)

Well I think that is it, I know there is SOO much more to talk about …GOD is SOOO GOOD!! THAT IS ALL! :)

Here are some engagement pictures! :)